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Best Concrete Interlocking Blocks & Kerbs Tiles Manufacturer in DELHI

AG Tiles is the topmost company for Concrete Interlocking Blocks & Kerbs Tiles manufacturer in Delhi this allows the realization of real works of various kinds through the laying alone, without the need for reinforced foundations.

The concrete interlocking block is mainly used on the paved road of the wharf or square. It is a high-strength concrete block. The heavy-duty interlocking block is suitable for paving the concrete surface of roads, warehouses, docks, etc. Its unique interlocking design enables each brick to be locked by four adjacent bricks, which can ensure the accurate position of each brick body and avoid lateral movement. At the same time, the pavement of the interlocking block can provide a stable, flexible and water-permeable pavement protection layer.

The interlocking blocks lend themselves to multiple uses, including: -

construction of boundary and boundary walls;

  • construction of retaining and containment walls;
  • construction of partitions (to replace the prefabricated inverted T)
  • further uses according to needs.
Best Concrete Interlocking Blocks and Kerbs Tiles Suppliers in DELHI

Top Quality Concrete Interlocking Blocks & Kerbs Tiles Manufacturer in DELHI

Best Manufacturer in Delhi. For your floors both indoors and outdoors. These AG Kerbs tiles with a rustic appearance are perfect for decorating and furnishing your home. They will fit into all styles!

Natural stone, easy to maintain, will bring a real touch of authenticity to your home. Over time, as it ages, its appearance will be sublimated and refined. The natural patina will embellish it over the years.

Its many finishes and shades combine the charm of heritage and the creativity of contemporary forms. Requiring little energy, it is part of a logic of sustainable development.

Stone is the oldest material in the world, and most certainly the one with the best future! Due to the unique performance characteristics of the interlocking block, the interlocking block paving is used in many places, and the system performance of the interlocking block paving has been continuously improved and perfected during use.

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